This is a neat little clock using an 5110 display of an old Nokia cellphone. If you want, you can call it a smart clock, as many features can be programmed and load onto the Arduino micro controller which drives the display module.

I got inspired by the „Desktop Widget by smily77“ (

Materials Needed

  • an Arduino Nano board
  • an DS3231 RTC module
  • an 5110 display module
  • two switches
  • some wires
  • some resistors
  • a summer (optional: if you want an alarm) and 3D printer - of course :D


** Casing **

The case consists of two parts: the first one is the body where the display module is snapped (and / or glued – depends on the precision of your printer) into the casing. The second part -the back panel – holds the Arduino Nano board in place and support the other components. Due to the tight fit of the Arduino you don’t need to glue it in place, even if you plug it in and out!

** Hardware **

I’ve drawn a diagram for the wiring which can be found on GitHub:

Please consider that the display is supplied by 3.3 volts!! A 5 volts supply will blow up the display!

** Software **

The software is in progress and can be found on GitHub. Please pay attention to the frequent changes!

** Updates **

11.03.2017: new software version available on GitHub